August 15th - 22nd 2020 - week 1

First stop and we couldn't have had a better one. 6am Saturday morning August 15th 2020. Departure Apeldoorn. Destination Hamburg. After though goodbyes, it was a smooth ride.

We arrived at 1-ish at the city boarders. Lots of oooh's and aaaaah's. Perfect on time for lunch before we have the meetings Claudia Schwarz and Sanja Stankovic have set up for us. Due to Covid-testings Sanja could not attend. Fortunately Claudia stepped in and wow, did she do a great job!

We were introduced to Ulrich Schrauth, Nicolas Chibas and his team (Erik, Flo) and Mathias Jäger. Had a VR experience with a Gondel, to see Hamburg from above. And highlight of the day : drone flight filming the Embassy of Dutch Creativity On Tour Camper.

Next day of to Copenhagen. Totally forgot we had to go by boat. Luckily we managed to book a ferry and there the Camper On Tour went. In Copenhagen we had a meet-up with Thomas Kolster. Author of the book Goodvertising and the recently launched book "Hero Trap". Always great to see Thomas and he arranged a meet-up with Tine Aurvig-Huggenberger, CEO at Kreativitet & Kommunikation. She's a fierce woman who shared her vision on the Danish market and the need to export creativity. She will help us in getting to Brussels to address creativity and innovation to the right people. How cool is that!

We spend two nights in beautiful Copenhagen before the boat took us to Berlin. In Berlin we had a meet-up with Antoinette Hoes who is Dutch, but moved to Berlin. Same goes for Nitzan Hoffmann. She works at Sizzer Berlin. The four of us had a great VR Exit experience thanks to Claudia (yes, again Claudia. We praise and salute her). At the end of the afternoon we had drinks on Sizzer to celebrate we were meeting face to face! And happy to see Ken Kamara again. Did you know he is nominated with his work #BLM - BLACK LIVES MATTER - THE PRIVILEGED for the BBA PHOTOGRAPHY PRIZE 2020? Check it here.

Prague stole our hearts! And if we would have been in the game industry we would consider moving there. Pavel Barák, chairman of the game association explained the market to us. And Michaela Polach, a young ambitious lady, joined us. She lived and studied in the Netherlands for 10 years. Her ambition is to create a bridge between the Netherlands and Czech Republic in the field of gaming. I bet we can learn a lot from both of them.

At the end of a very hot day in Prague (>34 degrees) we had drinks with our fellow rep for Cannes Lions in Czech, Rene Jez. This guy is so bubbly and full of ideas. They pivoted the young lions competition to an online version and had 5 times as many participants as before. Go figure. We said goodbye in the hope next year there will be an offline Cannes Lions again.

We closed the week at a very quiet place somewhere in the middle of nowhere for a bit of relaxation. We needed it after 1600 km and 4 big cities! On to the next week with Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest! So far, so good.

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