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Embassy of Dutch Creativity On Tour / wk 3 - wk 6. Ljubljana, Italy, Liechtenstein, Cannes and more

We are already in the sixth week! With only 4 weeks to go, we are already past halfway through our trip. We have already seen and experienced so much, it feels like we have been gone for six months. The past 3 weeks have been a roller coaster but here it is, the report of all our activities since week 3.

August 30

After Budapest we drove to Ljubljana, which was at least 5 and a half hours away. We arrived at the campsite, and it starts to rain cats and dogs. First time during our trip. We already got gloomy and both thought we would have to spend an evening inside the camper. Fortunately, there was a restaurant at the campsite where we bought pizza and drank a Slovenian berry liqueur, Then we watched movies in the camper with (for the first time) our LED lights on! We made it our own party after all.

The next day we had an appointment with Simona Kruhar Gaberšček and Gašper Meden from Marketingmagazin, right in the center of Ljubljana, what a lovely city that is! Such a cute little town with beautiful bridges and churches. It was super busy in the city as all new students walked through the city and the older students were allowed to draw on them with felt-tip pens. Not very corona-proof...

After this day we drove to Trieste, which is quite close to Slovenia, we were there within 3 hours.

September 1

In Trieste we spend 1,5 days , and we had a lovely time. While we’re driving back on Wednesday we find out we forgot the IPad and a bunch of other stuff in the hotel room, so we called the hotel and thankfully they will send the stuff to our home.

A bit annoyed by the fact that we forgot our stuff we arrived in Camping Venetia Village, The camping is not that far away from Venice but you can only go there by bus. So the next day we took the bus to spend a fantastic day in Venetia. The old houses, the water that’s flowing trough the whole city, we loved it!! And when you’re in Venetia you of course have got to go in a gondola, with a free serenade from Kyra🥴

When you go from place A to B in Venice, you have to go by boat. It is public transport, so we used it all day and there we met a lovely lady, Rachelle, Rachelle studies communications and she was born in Venetia. We had a chat with her and exchanged contacts. We meet people everywhere!

September 4

The next morning we packed our stuff and drove to the next camping in Bagno Giada,what was almost a day's drive. We wanted to spend the weekend there and enjoy some peace and tranquility.This was a campsite with an entertainment program all day long. And lots of screaming kids. Not that much peace and tranquility. Luckily there was a beach within cycling distance where we could relax and chill all weekend

September 7

After this weekend we went to Rome, driving in 30 degrees Celcius. When we finally got there, the first thing we did was cool off in the pool.

The next day we took the bus to Rome early in the morning, we were supposed to have an appointment but it was cancelled. We also had to do a number of things for TUI in Rome, we had to make insta stories, and write a blog about the hotspots of Rome and what it's like to discover Rome under the corona measures.

Before we could get off the metro, we were approached by a so-called employee of the Vatican. He asked us if we had tickets and that without tickets we wouldn't come in. We hadn't gotten tickets yet so he took us to a desk where we could get these tickets. For 63 euros ..... Later we found out that we had been ripped off since you could just order these tickets online for 17 euros per person. Then Nacho (our Chihuahua) was not allowed in so we took turns to go for an hour. And to see all those works of art in an hour is getting tight! In the Vatican we couldn't believe our eyes, what a beautiful building. and what craftsmanship was in this building. Every room you walked into was slightly more beautiful than the other.

After we both visited the Vatican we had lunch at a cute place in Rome (@Makasercafe on instagram). The owner was super friendly and the food was delicious.

After our late lunch, we drove electric steps for the first time. In the beginning we had to get used to it, but then we found out that it is really fun! The nice thing about those scooters is that you can see a lot of the city in a very short time. We saw the Trevi fountain, a true masterpiece, and of course we had to throw in a coin for good luck. But also the turtle fountain on a cute square in Rome. We toured the city a bit and then we took an Uber back to the campsite.

September 9

And then it happened. The day we would go to Pisa. After another grueling day of travel, we went grocery shopping with the camper at the Carrefour in Pisa. When we got back all our stuff had been stolen from the camper. All laptops, chargers, jewelry, watches, headphones. you name it. All our gear was gone and the thieves had also tried to demolish the TV. The supermarket told us they had no cameras and couldn't do anything for us. The next morning we immediately filed report . We felt completely defeated but had made a deal that we could complain until noon and let it rest. We left Pisa with screeching tires and did not have to see the tower anymore.

September 10

On our way to Milan, still a little bit sad, but were gonna make the best out of it. After a 4-hour drive we arrived at the campsite where we stayed for 2 nights. We just stayed at the campsite for 1 day to finish some things and Kyra had some online appointments. The last day we drove through Milan. Or as we call it 'sightseeing with the camper'. Then we drove to Austria, where we booked a hotel for a night. If you want to travel from Milan to Austria you will pass through 4 countries: Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. 4 countries in 1 day! We can scratch that one off our bucket list. We arrived around 8. The hotel looked super cute in a small village. We ate and drank something in the restaurant. Kyra ate a Wiener Schnitzel since we were in Austria of course.

Then we both went to bed early, because the next day was another travel day.

September 13

This day we travelled to Zurich, we left a little later as it was only a 2 hour drive from Liechtenstein to Zurich.

Since we were traveling to Switzerland, we had to cross a couple of mountains. Because of all these steep mountain roads and the temperature of the sun on those roads, the motor of the camper became too hot and we had to call the ANWB. After waiting for 3 hours, the roadside assistance finally arrived. By then it was already the end of the day so the sun was already gone. The nice roadside officer told us to try again and just drive slowly. In the end we arrived safely in Zurich.

Our campsite was located at a beautiful location at Zurich lake and very busy, so you almost stood against each other.

The day after we went to discover Zurich on electric scooters, and in the evening we had a BBQ with Chantal from the IAA and her husband and their children.

September 15

This day Chantal from the IAA Switzerland had arranged for us to work in a co-working space (Westhive) in the middle of Zurich, Kyra had some calls and we also had to finish some things for TUI. It was very nice to be in such a quiet space to work and we could finish a lot. So this day was certainly successful. When we wanted to drive away from the co-working space, the camper suddenly wouldn't start, so we called the roadside assistance again. This time they were there quite quickly and immediately put a new battery in the camper, so that we could go forward for a long time.

The day after Kyra had a meeting with the IAA Switzerland in a hotel. It was super well organized and very Corona proof. From what I heard there was a great speaker and it was a super fun evening. I stayed at Chantal's house this evening and spent some time with Gina, Chantal's daughter. Which was great fun, I also saw a part of Zurich and wow, what a beautiful city this is!

September 19

We woke up early as we continue the journey. we drive to Lake Geneva in France, one side of the lake in Switzerland is not accessible for tourists from the Netherlands due to Covid, but the other side, you can visit. So we found a campsite there. We spent our weekend here.

The next day we packed the bikes and we cycle to the village of Thonon les Bains, you can take a train up here to see the other part of the small town. Here we did some shopping, had lunch and ate ice cream. We also went to a chocolate shop with all kinds of chocolate things such as: liqueur, chocolate fondue and more, we bought some things here and then went downstairs.

This day it was 28 degrees, so we needed to cool down. We wanted to keep driving along the lake all the way back to the campsite and came across a beach. The water was super clear and felt very clean. After taking a dive we cycle on, Little did we know that this was more of a mountain bike path than a cycle path. Everywhere were hills, stumps, obstacles and narrow roads. It was really, really funny, since we both almost fell a few times. On the way we also passed a super nice spot on the lake. There was a sign in French that said this was a memorial for the orphans who died. A long time ago there was an accident with a ship and many children died who were in an orphanage, so they have hung a swing and a rope at this beautiful place to commemorate these children. We stayed at this spot for a while, we took a lot of pictures and then we continued cycling to the campsite. Finally arrived at the campsite we decide to eat it out at a restaurant opposite the campsite. We ate cheese fondue, had some wine and had a great time.

September 20th

Next day we had a travel day again, today we drove 8 hours. From Lake Geneva to Cannes. The place where the festival Cannes Lions normally takes place. We went to visit the beach bar where the Embassy normally is located. And Kyra of course needed to show me the Palais des Festivals and the famous stairs with the red carpet. In Cannes we stayed for two nights.

The next day was a Monday, we drove to Long Beach with the camper and took some pictures and we had some breakfast. Kyra had a lot of calls, so she was working in the camper on the parking space. I was laying on a bed from Long Beach on the beach with my laptop writing, and doing some school stuff all day long. When Kyra had a break she also joined me on the beach to relax a bit. After this relaxing work day we went to get some groceries and went back to the hotel. We ate some noodles and had a movie night with a lot of snacks.

If you made it this far, you are a real fan, we're now enjoying some time in Camping La Pascalinette, a campsite where we used to go with our family.

We will keep you informed. Thank you for reading, see you on the next one!

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