Embassy of Dutch Creativity On Tour - 2nd week - Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest

Dömös Hungary Sunday evening - Time flies when you are having fun! It is already our 2nd weekend of the trip with the Embassy of Dutch Creativity. Feels like we are already travelling for 3 months, since in the 2nd week we had so many great meet-ups. Btw, did you know Amp.Amsterdam is travelling with us by creating a playlist for the city / country we are heading to?

Augustus 21

11am departure somewhere in the middle of nowhere of Czech Republic, arrival beautiful Vienna around 5pm. 337 km

Playlist Austria

The next day our program started for Vienna. Thanks to Gabriela Stimpfl-Abele, Executive Director IAA Austria we have an official meeting with a Dutch ambassador, Aldrik Gierveld. The Dutch Embassy in Vienna is located in the centre and looks out on the Wiener Staatsoper. They welcome us with a coffee and some water for Nacho and we hear mister Gierveld laughing in the background. Despite the temperature he is fully suited up. Feeling a bit underdressed and impressed we start the conversation. Gierveld explains the embassy has many tasks to fulfil. The creative industry is less tangible and this makes it hard to get a feet on the ground. On a personal note he shares the story of his father Joep Gierveld who used to work in advertising and has been to the Cannes Lions Festival many times. A little Google research shows this article on Joep about his first job.

In the afternoon we are meeting Walter Zinggl Managing Director at IP Austria. April and May the revenue dropped enormous. However in June, July and August the campaigns came in hugely. Walter mentioned that during this time they also launched an influencer collaboration. At the office of IP we are joined by two ladies from Medianet for an interview on the Embassy of Dutch Creativity On Tour. The session took two hours! With a 4 pages in Medianet as a result with great pictures. Gabriela did not only arranged this interview, she also managed to get us in Horizont and Leadersnet. Very happy we can count her to our network. Specially since the next day through these articles and her IAA Austria newsletter we got a request for a meet-up with Ringana. A natural skincare brand. NB: 400+ people work there and they want to expand to the Netherlands. We have been talking about the Dutch market and introductions are coming up soon.

Last but not least we had a catch up with Lorenz Schmidl , fellow rep of the Cannes Lions Festival for Austria, who also works at ORF. Had a great lunch, unfortunately no Wiener Schnitzel.

Augustus 25

Afternoon travel to Bratislava

Only 80 kilometer

Playlist Slowakije

After our lunch with Lorenz and our chat with the ladies from Ringana it was time to leave for Bratislava. Slovakia looks like Austria when driving over the boarder, yet when you arrive in Bratislava it looks completely different. The city has ± 400.000 habitants, but looks huuuuuge. A lot of outdoor advertising. On our way to the campsite we see them every 10 meters. When we arrive at the camping it looks like we have time travelled 50 years back. You can't believe the reggae festival Uprising will take place this weekend. Normally +10.000 people come to join the festivities. This year only 800 guests can join.

Despite great contact with the Dutch Embassy in Bratislava we could not arrange any meet-ups. Therefor we did an extra tour through the city to promote the Embassy of Dutch Creativity whilst acting as tourists.

27 augustus

Departure Bratislava 11:30am, arrival Budapest 2:45pm

200 kilometers

Playlist Boedapest

After 2 nights in Bratislava we had on arrival 3 meetings planned. Adrienne Kaminszky, executive director IAA Hungary has arranged a red carpet received feeling at Szatyor Bar, Timeout says it is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world (number 41 of 50). The bar is owned by 8 people. And one of them gave us the grand tour, Tibor Bosznai. He tells the legends of this cafe. And how they translate this in todays creativity. They have great events and work together with great artists. One of the works on the wall is even an official museum piece. And the writer of the Oscar winning film Son of Saul has been writing the script in this bar. For real!

Adrienne arranged for us to meet Gabriella Csanyi, Head of Development van Brainbar, also known as “The biggest European festival on the future”. The festival takes place from 15 - 17 September. Unfortunately due to Corona also this one will take place online. On a positive note: we can all join - https://brainbar.com/ Gabrielle is a go-getter of 28 years with her own agency in digital design. Of course we checked if there is space for Dutch speakers. To be continued!

Karoly Domotor, Trainer at Hungarian Fundraising Academy, is joining the meeting. The agency Human Dialog, he works at, is specialist in campaigns in fundraising. They are in the top of the Effie list in Hungary. Reason Karoly joined is that in NL we have the biggest fundraising event. The beauty in face to face meetings is that there is room for serendipity. Gabriella shares the story on her fathers foundation. It is a foundation for underprivileged talented children. They help them till graduation at the University and have already helped over 600. Human Dialog does not work for this organisation yet, however I feel the seed has been planted during the meeting. Only later we found out her father (Sandor Csanyi ) was born in an underprivileged family and is now CEO of OTP Bank Group.

The next day we have a breakfast meeting at Kiosk Budapest. Luckily at 10:30am. Our campsite is an hour drive of the location. The road besides the Danube in a traffic jam is amazing. We are meeting Kinga Incze and Adrienne. Kinga is the founder & CEO of Whitereport. Our first question why the name Whitereport? She launched this organisation over 10 years ago and then it stood for transparant, clear, fresh. It has a different sound to it now and she is considering a new name. Besides that she is working on Mediaspace.global. A professional network where media, marketing, tech and regulation are connected. Also in this meeting we manage to push Dutch names forward and connections will be made.

Both locations in Budapest offered space to park the camper. Great view and captured by many people that passed by. Even Adrienne and Kinga made some pictures. After that we had some extra time for a short tour through Budapest and we promise to come back one day for sure.

The weekend

Saturday was a screen-free day. And Sunday we had to work a bit. Not only on stories for social and blogs, but also on a new travel plan. You can find it here.

On to week 3 Slovenia and Italy!

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